How To Pick A Good Bathroom Mirror For Makeup?

Looking our best is something that we always want to do. This applies in most cases, from job interviews to a night out.

These days, there are so many tools brought to the market simply for the sole purpose of changing one’s look for the better. For example, there are the blush brushes, the cleansers, the tweezers, etc. However, there is one thing that I am sure most of us always forget about. Nevertheless, it is still arguably one of the most vital tools, the mirror.

This tool will make or break the foundation of your makeup. Thus, it is always a great idea to know how to pick a good bathroom mirror for makeup!


First thing first, you will need to plan out the way the mirror would be installed. You have to consider your bathroom’s space, as an uncomfortably placed mirror will take the makeup process on a turn for the worse. 

A wall mirror can save you quite a bit of space

For example, if your bathroom’s counter space is limited, some wall-mounted mirrors would be perfect as they are much harder to break. So, if you have children in the house, this choice is much safer for everybody involved.


Next, there is the problem of lighting that you will need to solve. In general, we would say that there is nothing that can beat the natural daylight. However, it is something not many of us can afford while applying our makeup. After all, lots of bathrooms lack windows which makes illumination from the sun itself out of the question. 

Thus, I believe the lighted mirror can be a great choice. In case the construction of your bathroom blocks out all the light from outside, a mirror with LED will surely make things much better.


Now, after solving the space and lighting problems, let’s direct our attention to  a less concerning but still vital issue. Yes, I am talking about magnification. You see, lots of people from our generation have bad eyesight, so the magnifying mirror is simply a godsend.

Magnifying mirrors utilize convex glass so that they can magnify and distort the image reflected. Thus, the user needs to be close to them to see a focused image. The best magnifying mirror allows the user to comfortably get close to see their reflection clearly.


With the advice above, I hope that you will be able to pick out the most suitable bathroom mirror for your makeup needs. However, remember that budget is still the most important factor. You can read more at

How Saw Blades Are Made? – Steps to Create a Saw Blade

Have you ever wondered how saw blades are made? What are the materials and what makes them so sharp? You will have all the answers you need in this article below!


How saw blades are made? 

Step 1: Cut and heat-treat the blade

Every saw blade begins with the material called raw steel. It can be spring, carbon-alloy, or high-speed. For more advanced saw blade profiles, it’s possible to customize the metal material. 

There are two ways to cut the blade. Cutting using water is the act of letting water with enormously high-pressure cuts through metal, while laser cutting is offered for cutting precision.

Once the blade is cut, it will go through multiple steps such as:

Hardening: Each kind of metal will decide how long it takes for them to stay in the hot temperature. Among all the factors, time is the most primary one in the solidifying step, and it’s pivotal to have the blade stayed under heat for a specific time. For example, iron-based steel is heated at 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace, requiring remaining in the heat for roughly 1 hour.  

Quenching: When your sharp blade has invested enough time lounging in the heater, immediately cool it by placing it into the water. Again, time plays a huge role in producing active quenching. 

Tempering: When your blade has arrived at the room temperature, it’ll reach the state where its hardness is maximum. It will take roughly 4 hours for the blade to go back to the room temperature entirely before moving on to the next step. 

Step 2: Grind and sharp the blade

When your saw blade is appropriately tempered, it’s time to grind and sharp the blade.

Grinding requires first-hand relieving the tension inward the blade. Depending on the blade’s material, this process can be utilized automatically by supported machines or manually by mechanical engineers.

In the end, your new cutting blade is ready for sharpening by both robotized and manual granulating and honing techniques. 

For more techniques on saw sharpening, check out the site for more unique information. 

Step 3: Quality-control measurement

When it comes to quality-control checks, it’s not an automatic task anymore. Any blade not perfect enough for the required standard is removed to preserve the outcome quality. The qualified saw blades will be installed to saws and transported for further shipping processes.

You do not have enough space to do your project? Take them outside and choose a portable table saw for your upcoming plan!


And that’s how saw blades are made. We hope that this article provides you helpful information on sawing. See you soon in the next saw title!


Great Tips for Keeping Your Knives Sharp All the Time

how to keep knives sharp

Having a sharp knife is a must if you don’t want to make your kitchen time a chore. It’s because, with a dull knife, it’ll be really hard to cut anything. You will have a hard time cutting onions, chopping vegetables, or slicing the big chunk of beef you’ve just bought.

So, the best way to NOT make that a reality is to keep your knife sharp all the time. But how can you do so? First, you will need to make sure that your knife is always a good knife at first. Buying a great chef knife will be of great help here. You can always go with a Japanese chef knife if you really like.

But keep in mind that a Japanese kitchen knife might be a bit different in design and use compared to a Western chef knife. But that’s not a problem if you’ve been cooking for a long time, I believe.

Another tip is to always have a decent knife sharpener around in your kitchen. A good electric knife sharpener might be the thing you should choose. Since it will sharpen your knives much more efficiently, plus, you won’t have to do much of the back and forth tasks like you do with a traditional whetstone.

And finally, always use the right type of knife for the right kitchen task. For example, don’t take your fillet knife to cut pork meat. Or to use your newly bought santoku knife to cut bread. That just doesn’t make any sense, and you might cut yourself doing so since you’re using the knives in the wrong way.

What is a good ping pong table? – Some basic things beginners should know

When looking for a quality ping pong table to invest in, there are several features and aspects worth considering.  There are unlimited options for these tables; with some of the brands in the market being high quality while others are substandard.  It is natural to consider a table that will last long and provide you with guaranteed service at all times.  However, in an attempt to settle on an affordable ping pong table include indoor ping pong table and outdoor ping pong table, most people often overlook the brand, make and quality of the table of choice.  Here are some of the features to look for in a high-end ping pong table:

Play surface

The playing surface of a ping pong table should be constructed using a high quality material that is solid. Poorly designed playing surface will greatly interfere with your playing experience. You will hardly enjoy playing your favorite sport on such a surface.  The surface needs to be even and perfectly smooth for a flat playing surface.  It is worth noting that when this surface is not even, the balls will most likely roll towards a predominant direction. Poor quality playing surfaces can adversely affect the speed of balls as well as alter their direction.

ping pong table surface



The frame of a ping pong table plays a crucial role in determining the reliability and durability of the table. This is because the frame provides ultimate support to the play surface.  The ideal table to invest in should have a sturdy base with a firm and solid construction. The legs of the table should be strong to withstand the weight of the table. Ping pong tables with hardwood frames are the best choice due to their durability but are expensive.


Like the quality and build of a ping pong table, size also plays an important role in determining the ultimate table for you. Ideally, size is a personal preference that does not usually have any impact on the performance of the table of preference.  The ideal size of table to buy depends on the space available in the gaming room where you plan you putting the table.  7 and 8 foot tables are perfect choices for home play rooms in comparison to other large size tables. However, you can also settle for a smaller size table in case you have limited available space in your home.


The felt of a ping pong table receives a great deal of surface damage from cue balls and sticks striking it accidentally.  This felt comes in several variations including tight and loose weaves. Tighter weaves are a better preference to loose ones. This is because the tighter ones use more material and hence are more durable. As such, the level of wear and tear in these weaves is lower and hence more durable.  If you have kids who are planning on using the table often, you should invest in a table with a heavy felt due to the frequency of use.


Brandname is also very important thing to decide quality of Ping Pong Table. If you choose a table with good brand, the quality of products will normally be ensured. There are many famous brands in Ping Pong and it may be hard for you to choose the one that appropriate with you. But you can find out the good quality Ping Pong Tables that have good price when you choose some brand name like Joola, Butterfly, Kettler or Stiga.

It is crucial to maintain a ping pong table in its best working conditions.  Do not place any food or drinks on the playing surface due to risk of staining the cloth.  Additionally, train your kids to strike the cue balls and sticks gently so as not to damage the felt.



Did Softball Come Before Baseball – Or Where Does It Come From?

The question of which is older between softball and baseball has been an ongoing debate for long. These two sports are closely related and similar to each other including the choice of equipment, gear and even some rules. However, despite the many similarities, it is worth noting that there are a few important rule differences.  A major difference between these two sports is seen in the fact that there are 9 innings in baseball while in softball there are 5 innings.  The bats used in these two sports differ incredibly in terms of length and weight.

Which one is older? Softball or baseball?

While it is seemingly hard to distinguish the age of these two sports, baseball is older than a softball.  This is because softball is a direct descendant of baseball. Softball was developed from indoor baseball in 1887 in Chicago. In those years, the sport had various names including kitten ball, diamond ball, mush-ball, and playground ball.  Ideally, the sport was developed for female players as they did not participate in baseball as it was considered to a masculine participant sport.  Even in those years, the two sports differed greatly in terms of size of the field, the number of participants and playing style among other differences.

History of softball

Since its inception, the popularity of softball has grown immensely with many people across the globe becoming fond of the sport. It is highly entertaining and competitive thereby making a great sport to perfect and hone your sportsmanship.  The name softball was crafted in 1926 to replace the many names that were previously used to describe the sport.  In 1936, the Joint Rules Committee on Softball standardized the sport’s rules across the US.  In the 1940s, fast-pitch softball became a dominant variant of the sport across the globe. Slow-pitch softball became popular in 1953 after it was added to the Amateur Softball Association program.

Over the years, the softball has grown incredibly in terms of popularity and improvements to the rules and playing equipment.  For instance, in 1991, the sport was selected to feature during the Summer Olympics of 1996.  For more information on the origins and history of softball, visit Baseball Eagle.

Basics of softball

Just like in baseball, the field where softball features a diamond-shaped infield with four bases. The goal and focus of playing the sport are scoring more runs than the opponent. Runs are scored when players are able to successfully round the four bases and finally cross the home plate. There are two variations of the sport; slow-pitch and fast-pitch variations.  The slow-pitch variation is mostly played in recreational leagues and preteens. The rules in this variation are relaxed compared to those in the fast-pitch variation.  In the latter (fast-pitch), the rules are strict as it is commonly in competitive leagues and world-class tournaments. In fast-pitch softball, players throw breaking pitches such as sliders, rise balls, and screwballs.

What to know about softball

For you to enjoy playing softball to the fullest, you should invest in the best quality equipment and playing gear. You can seek the guidance of pro-players to recommend where to buy a new cleat. Similarly, for bats and protective gear, you can search on the internet for the most reliable and dependable brands and models. This guarantees that you get equipment that is durable. Consequently, the performance of high-end playing equipment is known to be unmatchable by that of poor quality equipment. For youthful players who are playing for recreation, you can buy for them softball gloves in the little league among other equipment.

Softball is an exciting sport that can also be used as a bonding activity for family, friends and even colleagues. Always ensure that you invest in the right safety gear for ultimate protection when in the pitch.

Great Watch Series That Would Go Well With Your Daily Occasions

watches to go with suits

When going for a formal event such as a business meeting, gala, or even a wedding, there is a certain code of dressing.

This also applies to the watch. For an all-white/ black events, you need a timepiece that matches your dressing.

This is where you’ll need a dress watch. And a great Bulova watch, for example, might be a good fit. It’s worn as part of aesthetics. Besides indicating time, it will also complement your dressing.

For instance, for a business meeting, you’ll need a watch that looks serious and sophisticated, like one of these Baume & Mercier timepieces. Here we are talking pieces that aren’t very large and bulky. They also have a slim profile and look expensive.

A unit with a gold-toned dial and case with brown leather strap looks good. You may also go for a silver-tone or stainless steel case with a canvas band like what we can see here in this collection of great watches from Burberry.

For the exquisite look, people will opt for gold or titanium-made cases instead of stainless steel.

And you know what?

When it comes to high-end wristwatches that can turn people’s heads, no brand does it better than Breitling, in my opinion! Yes, a good Breitling watch might be costly. But the effect it brings along will be worth it.

And finally, if you’re a funky type of personality, and you can’t stand wearing seriously all day long, then I have a great idea for you.

You can still be energetic, young-looking, yet serious at the same time if you opt for a special wood watch from Bewell!

That brand name might be a bit unfamiliar to you right now. But trust me, once you see Bewell’s latest wood watch collection, you will know why that brand is becoming a hot topic all around the world.

Once you choose to buy from that brand, you will be very likely to become a fan for life. So, give it a try.

Dive, Pilot, and Other Popular Types of Watches You Should Know

dive watches for you

So, we will start with dive watches.

Just like the name hints, this watch is worn when diving or in related activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Judging by the activities, you’ll definitely need a timepiece with good waterproofing. We are talking about 100 meters (330 feet) or more. And talking about diving watches, no other series would be of a better fit than Citizen Navihawk!

They will have a large face for easy viewing even in water.

The common materials used for the case is stainless steel and titanium, which are resistant to corrosion, rust, fading, or staining. Just like the case, these watches have a tough crystal, usually made from sapphire or mineral.

And the reason for that is to protect the inside parts of the watch from being damaged by water and outside forces. Just like you can see in the brand new Casio Frogman or Casio Forester watch series.

And since it will be worn outdoors, the face/ crystal will have an antiglare coating.

The straps are normally made of rubber, resin, and silicone. They are not easily affected by water and also feel comfortable on the hand.

Good flexibility allows the unit to move freely without causing any inconvenience, especially in extreme activities.

Talking about pilot watches, or watches with sophisticated engines and modules, we should be looking at Casio’s world-famous Edifice series!

Those timepieces are very tough, full of options, super accurate, and are very reasonably priced.

You can’t get better value for your money than that. So if you have a chance, I highly recommend you give any watch from the Casio Edifice series a try.

And finally, if you’re a true fan of Casio wristwatches (like I’m), then don’t forget to check out their Enticer collection. It’s a very unique watch collection and I’m sure people love them for a reason.

If You Want to Buy Couple Watches, Pay Attention to This


how to buy pair watches

Are you looking to buy a new pair of couple watches for you and your loved one? You’re still unsure about what criteria you should pay attention to the most before settling down on your choice? Then you’ve come to the right place. Because today, I will share with you the most important thing you need to know when buying his and hers pair watches for both of you.

That important aspect is the design of the watches. OK, so the watch movement or how the watch works is also important. But you can easily combat that by buying watches from reputable brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Skagen, etc. And by doing so, you will also immune yourself from bad products that will only last a couple of months.

But design is another thing. Even when you buy your couple watches from good brands, chances are good that your loved one might not like what those watches have to offer in terms of look and feel. So, my advice is to always consult the opinion from your significant one so you know what she likes and you can deliver exactly what both of you will love to wear on your wrist.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at this website for more information on the best watches on the market right now:

Should You Go for a Smartwatch or a Regular Watch?

smartwatch or traditional watch

An interesting question, right?

So, let’s talk about smartwatch first.

This is the latest additions in the world of watches. And as suggested by the name, they are “Smart or intelligent”.

They feature options such as heart pulse monitor, pedometer, step counter, GPS tracking, Bluetooth and much more. They come in digital form and are lighter than most options in the market despite their many advanced features.

The profile is also slimmer. This together with the versatile nature makes it among the most functional nature. It’s suitable for many occasions.

Resin is the common material for the case although you may still come across stainless steel, titanium, and fiberglass options. The band is made out of leather, rubber, resin, and metal too.

They support wireless connectivity which allows the user to update and install programs, apps, and software.

So, to list all those awesome technologies is to tell you why smartwatch slowly taking over.

But, traditional watches still have their own place in the current market.

And to me, personally, I love to wear a traditional watch more.

For example, as a fan of Citizen watches, I can confidently say that when it comes to watchmaking technologies, no other brand could achieve what Citizen has achieved so far!

They have a lot of great watch series, such as the Citizen Nighthawk for pilots, or Citizen PCAT for more casual outfits.

Or, if you’re more into the European side of technology, then I highly recommend you check out Fossil and Hamilton as well.

Fossil wristwatches are great, and they can be good choices for a lot of people in a lot of differently daily occasions. For whatever situation you could imagine of, Fossil will have one special timepiece for it.

And Hamilton is also a great watch brand, and they do have some spectacular wristwatches to show you.

If you’re not that sensitive about prices, then this brand might be a decent choice for a very long term!

How to Buy Watches for Nurses and EMT’s

If you’re a nurse or an EMT, you will understand more than anyone how hard the job could be, especially when your patients need you in their lives. And in order to do so, you will have to act fast and on time. That means you will need an accurate and reliable watch to accompany you day in day out. But when you want to buy one, you might not know what you need to pay attention to the most.

And in order to answer that question, you will have to understand that not all watches are made for nurses and EMT’s. The best watches for nurses will often need to be good water resistance. And more importantly, they need to be accurate in timekeeping. And you will also need them to be in light colors so they don’t get lost in your workspace.

The same is true if you want to buy the best watches for EMT’s. Remember that there are brands that often have better choices on this topic compared to others. So it’s important for you to decide on which watch brand you would buy your watch from. I highly recommend Seiko as your go-to source of high quality and reliable watches for medical professionals just like you.