Month: May 2019

Should You Go for a Smartwatch or a Regular Watch?

smartwatch or traditional watch

An interesting question, right?

So, let’s talk about smartwatch first.

This is the latest additions in the world of watches. And as suggested by the name, they are “Smart or intelligent”.

They feature options such as heart pulse monitor, pedometer, step counter, GPS tracking, Bluetooth and much more. They come in digital form and are lighter than most options in the market despite their many advanced features.

The profile is also slimmer. This together with the versatile nature makes it among the most functional nature. It’s suitable for many occasions.

Resin is the common material for the case although you may still come across stainless steel, titanium, and fiberglass options. The band is made out of leather, rubber, resin, and metal too.

They support wireless connectivity which allows the user to update and install programs, apps, and software.

So, to list all those awesome technologies is to tell you why smartwatch slowly taking over.

But, traditional watches still have their own place in the current market.

And to me, personally, I love to wear a traditional watch more.

For example, as a fan of Citizen watches, I can confidently say that when it comes to watchmaking technologies, no other brand could achieve what Citizen has achieved so far!

They have a lot of great watch series, such as the Citizen Nighthawk for pilots, or Citizen PCAT for more casual outfits.

Or, if you’re more into the European side of technology, then I highly recommend you check out Fossil and Hamilton as well.

Fossil wristwatches are great, and they can be good choices for a lot of people in a lot of differently daily occasions. For whatever situation you could imagine of, Fossil will have one special timepiece for it.

And Hamilton is also a great watch brand, and they do have some spectacular wristwatches to show you.

If you’re not that sensitive about prices, then this brand might be a decent choice for a very long term!

How to Buy Watches for Nurses and EMT’s

If you’re a nurse or an EMT, you will understand more than anyone how hard the job could be, especially when your patients need you in their lives. And in order to do so, you will have to act fast and on time. That means you will need an accurate and reliable watch to accompany you day in day out. But when you want to buy one, you might not know what you need to pay attention to the most.

And in order to answer that question, you will have to understand that not all watches are made for nurses and EMT’s. The best watches for nurses will often need to be good water resistance. And more importantly, they need to be accurate in timekeeping. And you will also need them to be in light colors so they don’t get lost in your workspace.

The same is true if you want to buy the best watches for EMT’s. Remember that there are brands that often have better choices on this topic compared to others. So it’s important for you to decide on which watch brand you would buy your watch from. I highly recommend Seiko as your go-to source of high quality and reliable watches for medical professionals just like you.