watches to go with suits

When going for a formal event such as a business meeting, gala, or even a wedding, there is a certain code of dressing.

This also applies to the watch. For an all-white/ black events, you need a timepiece that matches your dressing.

This is where you’ll need a dress watch. And a great Bulova watch, for example, might be a good fit. It’s worn as part of aesthetics. Besides indicating time, it will also complement your dressing.

For instance, for a business meeting, you’ll need a watch that looks serious and sophisticated, like one of these Baume & Mercier timepieces. Here we are talking pieces that aren’t very large and bulky. They also have a slim profile and look expensive.

A unit with a gold-toned dial and case with brown leather strap looks good. You may also go for a silver-tone or stainless steel case with a canvas band like what we can see here in this collection of great watches from Burberry.

For the exquisite look, people will opt for gold or titanium-made cases instead of stainless steel.

And you know what?

When it comes to high-end wristwatches that can turn people’s heads, no brand does it better than Breitling, in my opinion! Yes, a good Breitling watch might be costly. But the effect it brings along will be worth it.

And finally, if you’re a funky type of personality, and you can’t stand wearing seriously all day long, then I have a great idea for you.

You can still be energetic, young-looking, yet serious at the same time if you opt for a special wood watch from Bewell!

That brand name might be a bit unfamiliar to you right now. But trust me, once you see Bewell’s latest wood watch collection, you will know why that brand is becoming a hot topic all around the world.

Once you choose to buy from that brand, you will be very likely to become a fan for life. So, give it a try.