When looking for a quality ping pong table to invest in, there are several features and aspects worth considering.  There are unlimited options for these tables; with some of the brands in the market being high quality while others are substandard.  It is natural to consider a table that will last long and provide you with guaranteed service at all times.  However, in an attempt to settle on an affordable ping pong table include indoor ping pong table and outdoor ping pong table, most people often overlook the brand, make and quality of the table of choice.  Here are some of the features to look for in a high-end ping pong table:

Play surface

The playing surface of a ping pong table should be constructed using a high quality material that is solid. Poorly designed playing surface will greatly interfere with your playing experience. You will hardly enjoy playing your favorite sport on such a surface.  The surface needs to be even and perfectly smooth for a flat playing surface.  It is worth noting that when this surface is not even, the balls will most likely roll towards a predominant direction. Poor quality playing surfaces can adversely affect the speed of balls as well as alter their direction.

ping pong table surface

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The frame of a ping pong table plays a crucial role in determining the reliability and durability of the table. This is because the frame provides ultimate support to the play surface.  The ideal table to invest in should have a sturdy base with a firm and solid construction. The legs of the table should be strong to withstand the weight of the table. Ping pong tables with hardwood frames are the best choice due to their durability but are expensive.


Like the quality and build of a ping pong table, size also plays an important role in determining the ultimate table for you. Ideally, size is a personal preference that does not usually have any impact on the performance of the table of preference.  The ideal size of table to buy depends on the space available in the gaming room where you plan you putting the table.  7 and 8 foot tables are perfect choices for home play rooms in comparison to other large size tables. However, you can also settle for a smaller size table in case you have limited available space in your home.


The felt of a ping pong table receives a great deal of surface damage from cue balls and sticks striking it accidentally.  This felt comes in several variations including tight and loose weaves. Tighter weaves are a better preference to loose ones. This is because the tighter ones use more material and hence are more durable. As such, the level of wear and tear in these weaves is lower and hence more durable.  If you have kids who are planning on using the table often, you should invest in a table with a heavy felt due to the frequency of use.


Brandname is also very important thing to decide quality of Ping Pong Table. If you choose a table with good brand, the quality of products will normally be ensured. There are many famous brands in Ping Pong and it may be hard for you to choose the one that appropriate with you. But you can find out the good quality Ping Pong Tables that have good price when you choose some brand name like Joola, Butterfly, Kettler or Stiga.

It is crucial to maintain a ping pong table in its best working conditions.  Do not place any food or drinks on the playing surface due to risk of staining the cloth.  Additionally, train your kids to strike the cue balls and sticks gently so as not to damage the felt.