how to keep knives sharp

Having a sharp knife is a must if you don’t want to make your kitchen time a chore. It’s because, with a dull knife, it’ll be really hard to cut anything. You will have a hard time cutting onions, chopping vegetables, or slicing the big chunk of beef you’ve just bought.

So, the best way to NOT make that a reality is to keep your knife sharp all the time. But how can you do so? First, you will need to make sure that your knife is always a good knife at first. Buying a great chef knife will be of great help here. You can always go with a Japanese chef knife if you really like.

But keep in mind that a Japanese kitchen knife might be a bit different in design and use compared to a Western chef knife. But that’s not a problem if you’ve been cooking for a long time, I believe.

Another tip is to always have a decent knife sharpener around in your kitchen. A good electric knife sharpener might be the thing you should choose. Since it will sharpen your knives much more efficiently, plus, you won’t have to do much of the back and forth tasks like you do with a traditional whetstone.

And finally, always use the right type of knife for the right kitchen task. For example, don’t take your fillet knife to cut pork meat. Or to use your newly bought santoku knife to cut bread. That just doesn’t make any sense, and you might cut yourself doing so since you’re using the knives in the wrong way.