Not everyone can afford the best wholesale clothing in Wólka Kosowska. Take a look at the article below, it will make it easier for you to shop by providing more information on hurtownia odzieży wólka kosowska.

Buying at hurtownia odzieży wólka kosowska

If you are interested in buying women’s clothing, you should start with Hurtowni Odzieży Włoskiej. This is a popular hurtownia odzieży włoskiej wólka where you can buy very small quantities of clothes at wholesale prices. Thus, with a little capital, you can have a women’s clothing store with a wide variety of designs.

You can buy wholesale clothing from Italy in Wólka Kosowska or in Łódź on Ptak, but if you compare the prices it is always cheaper in Wólce. Many Ptak wholesalers in Łódź (and other places: Kraków, Pożnań, Śląsk …) buy from Wólka (Warsaw). However, it will not be so easy to buy cheap and beautiful Italian clothing in Wólka.

At the center in Wólka there are about 50-70 Italian clothing stalls, most of them Vietnamese owners who fly straight to Italy to import clothes for sale. ASG Hall is home to the largest concentration of Italian clothing sales with the most popular hurtownia odzieży włoskiej wólka.

Prices between models are usually not much different, but models are constantly changing. For a good model, the price could go up to 2-3 PLN per item. A poorly selling prototype will be sold and the price will drop from PLN 25-30 to PLN 15-20 and even down to 10 PLN.

When making a purchase, you can ask the seller which models are selling well, but only for reference because not all sellers are telling the truth. They can even show you models that do not sell.

Clothing stalls in Italy usually have deliveries every Monday. There are many people buying umbrellas on this day. There are even samples customers have to compete to buy.

If you are new to the Italian clothing business, you should buy some small-volume prototypes for sale. Then, when you get used to it, you can buy more if you have new customers.

Italian clothes in Wólka Kosowska are only for women and children, no models for men.

Buying at Hurtowni Odzieży Chińskiej at Wólce Kosowskiej

Clothing from China is still very popular due to its cheap price and plentiful designs. You can find women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, from T-shirts, shirts, coats and trousers to underwear and pajamas from China.

The biggest downside when buying clothes from China is that you have to buy the whole package (full size and full color), usually 10-12 pieces. So you have to buy both size and color that sell slowly. To overcome this, Chinese manufacturers always choose beautiful and safe colors. Colors people do not like and custom sizes are usually just 1pc per pack.

Items from China made in Italy, Turkey, Poland or France will be a bit more expensive, you can buy things like: winter jackets, denim pants, underwear, swimwear, blouse large size, etc.